Second International Workshop on

Multimodal User Authentication

May 11-12, 2006

Toulouse, FRANCE

Supported by: 

University of Paul Sabatier, Toulouse 


Région Midi-Pyrénées

SIMILAR EU Network of Excellence 

BIOSECURE EU Network of Excellence

France Télécom R&D

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Introduction and Welcome

Organizing Committee

Program Committee

Thursday 11 th

9:20 - 10:20             Invited conference #1                         Chair:                 J.-C. Junqua

              Multi-Modal Biometrics: Orthogonal, Independent, and Collaborative

              Kevin Bowyer

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10:45 - 12:15           Oral session #1                                   Chair:                    K. Bowyer

10:45     Human identification using heart sound

              K. Phua, T. H. Dat, J. Chen. L. Shue

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11:15     2D-3D Hybrid Face Recognition Based on PCA Feature Modelling

              C. McCool, V. Chandran, S. Sridharan

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11:45     Gender and Identity Classification for a Naive and Evolving System

              M. Castrillon-Santana, O. Déniz-Suarez, J. Lorenzo-Navarro,M. Hernandez-Tejera

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13:45 – 14:45           Invited conference #2                         Chair:                      C. Sénac

              Government initiatives concerning biometric authentication and their impact on the industry and international standards

              Bill Perry


14:45 – 15:45           Oral session #2                                  Chair:                        B. Perry

14:45     Revisiting Doddington’s Zoo: A Systematic Method to Assess User-dependent Variabilities

              N. Poh, S. Bengio, A. Ross

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15:15     Multimodal Speaker Authentication – Evaluation of Recognition Performance of Watermarked References

              C. Vielhauer, T. Scheidat, A. Lang, M. Schott, J. Dittmann, T.K. Basu, P.K. Dutta

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16:00 – 17:30           Poster session #1                                         

              The Multi-biometric, Multi-device and Multilingual (M3) Corpus

              H. Meng, P.C. Ching, T. Lee, M. Wai. Mak, B. Mak, Y.S. Moon, M.-H. Siu, X. Tang, H. P.S. Hui, A. Lee, W.-K. Lo, B. Ma, E. K.T. Sio

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              Discriminant approaches for GMM speaker recognition

              A. Preti, N. Scheffer, J.-F. Bonastre

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              A Max Kernel For Text-Independent Speaker Verification Systems

              J. Mariéthoz, S. Bengio

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              Biometric Fusion: Robust Approach

              O. Ushmaev, S. Novikov

                abstract-html    paper-pdf

              The BioSecure Talking-Face Reference System

              H. Bredin, G. Aversano, C. Mokbel, G. Chollet

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17h45                       SOCIAL EVENT: Garonne cruise and dinner

Friday 12 th     

9:00 – 10:00             Invited conference #3                         Chair:                J.L. Dugelay

              Fusing Noncontact Biometrics: Face, Gait and Ear

              Mark Nixon


10: 00 – 10: 15         Introduction to the demo session                                      I. Ferrané


10:30 – 12:15           Poster session #2                                         

              Audio/Video Fusion: a Preprocessing Step for Multimodal Person Identification

              G. Jaffre, J. Pinquier

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              On face image quality measures

              K. Kryszczuk, A. Drygajlo

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              Enabling EBGM Face Authentication on mobile devices

              Y.S. Moon, K. H. Pun, K.C.Chan, M.F. Wong, T.H.Yu

                abstract-html    paper-pdf


              Effectiveness of LP Based Features for Identification of Professional Mimics in Indian Languages

              H. A. Patil, P. K. Dutta, T. K. Basu

                abstract-html    paper-pdf

              Multi-modal biometric authentication on the SecurePhone PDA

              J. Koreman, A.C. Morris, D. Wu, S. Jassim, H. Sellahewa, J. Ehlers, G. Chollet, G. Aversano, H. Bredin, S. Garcia-Salicetti, L. Allano, B. Ly Van, B. Dorizzi

                abstract-html    paper-pdf

              Frame purification for cluster comparison in speaker diarization

              X. Anguera, C. Wooters, J. Hernando

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              Bi-Modal Face and Speech Authentication: a BioLogin Demonstration System (Demo)

              S. Marcel, J. Mariethoz,Y. Rodriguez, F. Cardinaux

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13:45 – 14:45             Discussion “Where are the European projects in Biometric authentication heading?”
                                    Invited participants: Aladdin Ariyaeeinia and Bernadette Dorizzi
                                                             Chair:               J.F. Bonastre


14:45 – 15:45           Oral session #3                                  Chair:                      M. Nixon

14:45     An Examination of Audio-Visual Fused HMMs for Speaker Recognition

              D. Dean, T. Wark, S. Sridharan

                abstract-html    paper-pdf

15:15     On the relation between biometric quality and user-dependent score distributions in fingerprint verification

              F. Alonso-Fernandez, R. N. J. Veldhuis, A. M. Bazen, J. Fierrez-Aguilar, J. Ortega-Garcia

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16:00 – 17:00           Oral session #4                                  Chair:                       B. Dorizzi

16:00     Continuous Biometric Authentication Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks

              J. Muncaster, M. Turk

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16:30     Fusing Generative and discriminative UBM-BASED systems for speaker verification

              N. Scheffer, J.-F. Bonastre

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L. Allano    1

Fernando Alonso-Fernandez    1

Xavier Anguera    1

Guido Aversano 1, 2

T.K. Basu 1, 2

Asker M. Bazen 1

Samy Bengio 1, 2

Jean-François Bonastre 1, 2                      

Kevin Bowyer 1

Hervé Bredin 1, 2

Fabien Cardinaux 1

M. Castrillon-Santana  1

K. C.  Chan 1

P. Chang  1

Vinod Chandran  1

Jianfeng Chen 1

P.C. Ching 1

Gérard  Chollet 1, 2

Tran Huy Dat 1

Andrzej Ddrygajlo 1

David Dean 1

O.  Déniz-Suarez  1

J. Dittmann 1

B. Dorizzi  1

P. K. Dutta  1, 2

J. Ehlers 1

Julian Fierrez-Aguilar 1

P. Y. Flynn 1

S. Garcia-Salicetti 1

E. Hansley  1

M. Hernandez-Tejera  1

Javier Hernando 1

Henry P.S.  Hui 1

Gaël Jaffre 1

S. Jassim 1

J. Koreman 1

Krzysztof  Kryszczuk 1

A. Lang 1

Andrew  Lee 1

Tan Lee 1

Wai-Kit Lo 1

J. Lorenzo-Navarro  1

Bin Ma 1

Brian Mak 1

Man Wai Mak 1

Sébastien Marcel 1

Johnny  Mariethoz 1 ,2

Chris McCool 1

Helen Meng 1

Chafic Mokbel 1

Y. S. Moon 1

A. C. Morris 1

Justin Muncaster 1

Mark Nixon 1

Sergey Novikov 1

Javier Ortega-Garcia 1

Hemant A. Patil 1

Bill Perry 1

Koksoon Phua 1

Julien Pinquier 1

Norman Poh 1

Alexandre  Preti 1

K.H. Pun 1

Yann Rodriguez 1

Arun  Ross  1

S. Sarkar  1

Nicolas Scheffer  1, 2

T. Scheidat 1

M. Schott 1

H. Sellahewa 1

Louis Shue 1

Eddie K.T.  Sio 1

Man-Hung Siu 1

Sridha Sridharan 1, 2

Xiaoou Tang 1

Matthew Turk 1

Oleg Ushmaev 1

B. Ly Van 1

Raymond N.J. Veldhuis 1

C. Vielhauer 1

Tim Wark 1

M. F. Wong 1

Chuck Wooters 1

D. Wu 1

TH.Yu 1